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Hydrogen Water

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  • Size93 * 200 * 0 mm
  • Weight270 mg
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T

[BHL company]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Korea Hydrogen water 















Concentration Test 












Features of Hydrogen Water 







Ø Provision of rich natural mineral and dissolved hydrogen
Ø Provision of weak alkaline water to activate cells,
Ø Promotion of metabolism and enhance the immunity
Ø ORP is negative
Ø Neutralization of the excess oxyen,  
Ø Balance of PH in the body
Ø Anti-aging, remomes harmful active oxygen (free 

    radicals), improve and clear the intestines and  

    stomach,  reduce the high blood pressure,

    high blood cholesterol. ect 




Why do people drink Hydrogen water?
   It is because of neutralizing the  harmful active oxygen.  




ØDeseases relavent to the active oxygen.

  gastric, ulcer, heart disease, diabetes, cataract, parkinson’s disease, arthritis, allergic, asthma, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, skin aging, hypertension





* Model name : Hydrogen Water
* Place of Origin: Chun Cheon, GangWon, 
* Brand Name : BHL Hydrogen Water
* Color : Blue, Red               
* Concentration : 1,000PPb
* Weight : 270g
* Size: 200mm X 93mm(370ML)
* Product composition : Hydrogen Water,